2. Max and Grace’s excellent USA adventure: Disneyland – 4 days


Have you ever watched a Disney movie? As a child, or recently as an adult?

A Pixar movie?


If you’ve ever experienced Disney or Pixar storytelling, and been entertained by the experience, the most cynical person will enjoy Disneyland.

It’s like coming home. Because the storytelling works. It is magical.

If you wish upon a star…

With an open heart and open mind it is an amazing experience. It’s playful and fun.

Hell, you can even have a hen’s night at Disneyland.

It’s what American people do well. In this sort of place, the people who work there – all workers are described as ‘cast’, and they have their own ‘cast’ buses that transport them to and from home – want to please you. Want you to have a good experience, and a good time. They want to look after you.

So that riding on a 100 year old carousel is fun…

And a little girl can feel special, taking a ride on a flying elephant…

A boy can find a childhood favourite (and she did say: ‘have a jolly holiday’, when the boy told her where he was from…)

It’s always a jolly holiday with Mary


Mother and son can relive the mayhem of a favourite Pixar movie….



But the best of course, is the daily Disney Parade…


Next leg of the USA Odyssey, Las Vegas….


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