5: Max and Grace’s excellent USA adventure: Chicago! Chicago! It’s a wonderful town!

Time for a makeover…

After 2 days and nights on the train from LA to Chicago, a girl needs to freshen up, and have her hair done.

‘Macy’, Grace’s American Girl doll was duly booked in, her attentive mother by her side.

Meanwhile, outside, in the windiest of windy cities….

Hang on! in the windy city!

On our first day, Chicago really lived up to it’s reputation as The Windy City.

After the balmy climes of the west coast, we were hoping the breezy arrival was just a freshen up; the equivalent of a quick ice bath after the temperate and sticky west.

So it was off to The Field Museum to check out Egyptian embalming….

Where does this bit go then, Boris..?

And to get up close with ‘Sue’, the dinosaur (she really is affectionately known by that moniker)….

Stop Press! ‘Boy wearing 3 day old socks scares carnivorous dinosaur’
Working through the specimens at The Field Museum, circa late 1930s

The old boy of the bunch (that’s RM) had his birthday in Chicago, and it couldn’t have been celebrated any other way except at a thumping, R&B rolling blues club, Blue Chicago, featuring that night, Shirley Johnson in full force, in the company of his lifelong companion DG. Much Irish whiskey was consumed, the singer autographed one of her CDs for the man of the moment, and our table neighbours for the night – two young gentlemen about town, who’d flown in from The Big Apple to spectate early that evening at an ice hockey joust – who, when discovering  the ultimate goal of our family peregrinations, namely a road trip down south from DC to New Orleans, offered a quick elocution lesson on the proper pronunciation of said city; something like ‘Gnarlins’.

A quiet moment between sets….

In the end, our 5 days in Chicago was wonderful. At first it felt eerily similar to Melbourne.

There was stunning architecture…

A cosmopolitan life by the river…

And the amazing Museum of Science and Industry, that used Lego to explain the fundamentals of architectural engineering.

All in all, we found Chicago to be quite stunning….

But the next leg in our journey was New York, and we knew that was going to be like meeting up with a boisterous and energetic cousin, who we hadn’t seen for a number of years……



3 thoughts on “5: Max and Grace’s excellent USA adventure: Chicago! Chicago! It’s a wonderful town!

  1. Love it! So good to see that you’re all having a great time. Look forward to the NYC post. And Poppins is looking forward to welcoming you back in exactly two weeks!

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