9: Max and Grace’s excellent USA adventure: Nashville

And so the road trip continued.

Here we are in Nashville, only a few days to take in as much country music, history and southern food as can.

First stop, the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Says Max: “Little known fact, at least by us visitors, that ‘country music’ actually had roots in English and Irish immigrants, who brought their folk music to the gold fields and railways of the late 1700 and early 1800s Union. Then it was picked up in the South by slave workers, and the rest is history.”

Then RCA’s Studio B, a living museum and still working recording studio in downtown Nashville.

It was amazing to be in the same room where Elvis recorded his first hits, as did Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, and the like.

Then sitting at the actual Steinway that Elvis tinkled with, was unbelievable. And there was an ‘X’ on the floor, where Elvis always stood; the ‘sweet spot’ in the studio for vocal delivery and recording.

Finally, to let it all come together, it was off to the main drag of Nashville, to hang out in a honky tonk bar

….for beer and soda pops, burgers as well. It was a rip roaring joint!

Little bit of last minute window shopping for the perfect pair of boots….

…then it was back on the road, to Memphis.


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