12: Max and Grace’s excellent USA adventure: Natchez on the Mississippi

After the cotton fields and sharecropper shacks of Clarksdale, next stop was Natchez, a complete contrast. Antebellum (meaning pre-Civil War) grand mansions, gentility, and far removed from the cotton fields, when, to be truthful, the ‘gentility’ that Natchez enjoys to this day was attained on the backs of a hundred years of indentured labor.

Just before Natchez, we stopped off at Vicksburg, an historically significant Civil War town. But what really grabbed our attention was on the road out of Vicksburg, where we found a ramshackle but compellingly attractive joint, innocuously called ‘The Tomato Place.’

Time to chow down with freshly harvested ingredients, farmed right there on the property….

…including a ‘cherry bomb surprise’ smoothie…..


So we arrived at our Bed and Breakfast accommodation, ‘The Elms’, in Natchez. Check this out, and you can see the contrast with Clarksdale.

Gin and tonics on the verandah, running around the huge front garden, and sleeping in the salubrious comfort of a covered four-poster bed. Noice…!


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Cathy was our gorgeous African-American house cook, looking after us superbly with a little too much polite deference for my liking, but that was the socio-demographic culture of where we stayed.

That socio-demographic culture goes back a long way…

Next stop, New Orleans!!



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