13.4: Max and Grace’s excellent USA adventure: the bayous of New Orleans + BB King’s Blues Club

The Mississippi Delta is mostly wet. Driving from Baton Rouge into New Orleans, looking out at the countryside as you go, solid ground is slowly and insidiously replaced by marsh, swamp, and then there’s just water. A lot of it. 24 miles of bridge over the water. Not for the faint hearted.

On the other hand, hop on a tour boat, and let someone else worry about the navigating and take a tour of the bayous around New Orleans. And so we did.

Led by a gruff but jovial retired fireman, Captain Teddy, we ventured out onto the water for a lesson in history, geography, folklore, and the sublime experience of aquatic serenity.

It was an intimate experience, on a hot and sizzling day. The breeze coming over the water did just enough in the way of organic air conditioning.

We met some of the locals…

…and we were shown Indian Village – not an ‘Indian’ village – it’s a water-based community, of indigenous heritage. Everything comes in and out by water; people, supplies, emergency services.

Huck Finn country, with a slightly modern twist.

A great day out.

So…what would be the best way to finish a visit to New Orleans?

A night at BB King’s Blues Club, of course!

So, farewell New Orleans!

Farewell America. It’s been sooo much fun! And it’s been equally entertaining and educational.

Until next time…that’s all folks!


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