About Me

Updated January 2018


From my point of view, there is always more than one side to a story. It’s necessarily true.

Even though a situation may nominally be about suffering, compassion will also be present; it’s there, if you look. Equally, what may appear to be exclusively about beauty will also contain a kernel of hardship and suffering. Information with a balance of substantive meaning is stronger than informative facts alone.

How did I come to this?

On Christmas Eve, 1979, on the cusp of my first year as a student registered nurse, I was in an accident, knocked off my bike by a car that went through a stop sign, and then run over by a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. Lying on the road with a shattered leg, my new life began, with positivity and purpose.

A year later, with a permanent disability that didn’t preclude me from commencing nurse training, the patients in extremis I learned to care for were not just biological problems to be solved. Not just a biological fact in a bed. Like me, my patients had a back story. Showing compassionate interest in as much of their life story as I could find out helped me to be a better nurse.

I’ve been a long time an RN. I’ve also explored life as a part-time taxi driver, shearing shed roustabout, fruit picker, restaurant photographer, freelance journalist. I studied photography at art school, and completed a BA, culminating in an honours degree, with a thesis on healthcare ethics in psychiatric care. For the last 11 years I’ve worked in multimedia resource development at a specialist youth early intervention service, in Melbourne, Australia.

People around us are not singular examples of goal-directed activity. People around us each have a story that has meaning, and that we can learn from. Life is a curiosity to be explored, shared, and explained.

I’m bringing my knowledge and life skills to the freelance writing and photography domain, specialising in health care, social health issues, and human-interest stories in general.

In Aussie Rules, the 3rd quarter of the 4 quarter game is also known as the ‘championship quarter’; if a team is going to win the game, or get on with what it should be doing, it’s done in the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter is focused on maintaining positive advantage.

I’m in my 3rd quarter of life. Game on!